Correspondent Lending

With the help of our seasoned staff, our business automation processes and competitive pricing models,

WEI Mortgage LLC and Arc Home LLC strive to make the lending process as simple and efficient as possible.

Our correspondent business comes in various relationships:

  • Delegated and Non-Delegated
  • Best Efforts and Mandatory Delivery
  • Bid Tape, Bulk Bids and Direct Trades
  • Emerging Banker and Warehouse Lending
  • Flow Servicing and Co-Issue Transactions
Here are some reasons why our correspondent lending platform is right for you:
  • Fast approvals
  • Complete product and program menu
  • Integrated warehouse offerings
  • Commonsense overlays
  • eNote loan purchase program

Products: Agency products including FHA, VA and a suite of non-Agency/Non-QM products

Delivery Options: Direct and Forward Trades, Bulk, Bid-Tape, Mandatory and Best Efforts Execution

Best in class service and purchase times!

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